As the Year 2022 begins, it may bring with it favourable options for you to excel in all spheres of life. Your energy levels may be at an all time high, which may help you get going steadily into the second quarter. The stars are likely to be in your favour and breaks in between may not affect your achievements in any way. In year 2022 you may achieve great things in life with your persistence and strong resolve. You may also get to enjoy the rewards and awards that come with it. On the financial front, you may see some ups and downs in the Year 2022. Expenses may rise and you may not be able to balance them with your income. Your domestic front is likely to be very satisfactory this year 2022. Promotions and increments may be impending towards the end of the second quarter. On the health front, the year 2022 may bring good results. Dietary modifications, sporting activities and practice of spiritual healing may keep you fit and in good shape. As the year 2022 progresses into the third quarter, you are likely to become more relaxed and comfortable in your relationship. Connect and happiness may increase between you two.

Lucky Color: Purple

Lucky Number: 6, 9

Lucky Months: April & August