This year 2022, you are likely to reap the benefits of your past efforts. Focusing on your goals is likely to make them more reachable. Do not lose your sense of fairness in tasks that require your intervention. You may have to push your boundaries and accelerate your pace to excel in your tasks. Your relationships are likely to improve and your love life may be very delightful. Students may get a chance to study abroad as their new session begins. The year 2022 may be good for your finances. Some of you may have enough reserves to purchase a new property. On the domestic front, the year 2022 may be very special as a happy atmosphere is likely to prevail at home. Relationships may improve and your ties are likely to strengthen in the New Year 2022. The year 2022 could bring mixed results on your career front. Hard work may be needed to perform well. There could be some professional hurdles to face. The year 2022 may be quite bright as far as your health goes. Dietary changes and sporting activities may keep you fit and glowing. On the romantic front, the year 2022 could be very promising. Married couples may get to enjoy more understanding as well as intimacy. Your love life is likely to be quite fulfilling and satisfying.

Lucky Color: Maroon

Lucky Number: 1, 4

Lucky Months: February, March, August & October