The year 2022 may be good for you for personal growth. You are likely to overcome all hurdles that had been troubling you in the past. Peace and harmony may become the success mantra for your new year 2022. Your family and personal life may undergo a vast change and it is likely to be filled with happiness and pleasure. Some of you may get a chance to travel abroad. Focus on your goals and the year 2022 may pass smoothly. On the financial front, the year 2022 promises to be quite good. You may gain from investments in property and land. Some of you may experience a rise in income as the year 2022 progresses. Your domestic life may be quite fulfilling in the coming year 2022. Your relationship with your estranged siblings may improve, spreading cheer in the family. The year 2022 may be quite fruitful for your career. The start of the year 2022 may bring hopeful prospects. You are likely to make good progress on your professional front. On the health front, you may enjoy good health throughout the year 2022. Minor weather-related allergies or underlying disorders like BP or diabetes may bother you. Your romantic front is likely to be a roller-coaster ride in the coming year 2022. Couples in a long-distance relationship may plan to settle down towards the third quarter of the year 2022.

Lucky Color: Brown

Lucky Number: 5, 11

Lucky Months: May, October & December