As the Year 2022 begins, luck may be smiling on you and you are likely to move ahead in life despite all the odds. Your confidence may return and it is likely to help you make quick and correct decisions. You are likely to focus on things of value and pay more attention towards personal development. Your outcomes may exceed your expectations. Your quality of life is likely to improve and you may finally get to pursue your long-held dreams. Your well-planned financial arrangements may bring steady profits. There may be an increase in your wealth and your future may become more secure.     On the domestic front, work commitments may not give you enough time to spend in the company of loved ones. On the professional front, the year 2022 may be quite rewarding as you get to reap the benefits of your past efforts. Corporate workers can expect promotions. The year 2022 is likely to bring average results on your health front. Physical activity and a good lifestyle may keep you fit all year round. On the romantic front, you can expect fulfilment and happiness as your ties strengthen in the year 2022.

Lucky Color: Red

Lucky Number: 2, 9

Lucky Months: March, June & December