In the Year 2022, you are likely to add new meaning to your life by incorporating positive thoughts in your routine. You need to keep sight of your future and work in accordance to your plans to make your mark. Motivation may be your key to success. The planetary alignment is in your favour and its effects may be seen in your routine work during the second quarter. Your enthusiasm and energy need to be channelized in the right direction to benefit in life and reach your personal targets as the New Year begins. On the financial front, you may have to be watchful of your expenses as overspending is likely in the coming year 2022. Use your intuition wisely in matters of money to keep the trade running smoothly and steadily. In the Year 2022, activities of children could become a cause of concern. Strict guidance may be required to set them right. The Year 2022 is likely to bring prosperity and all round growth in careers of Scorpio natives. Steady inflow of projects throughout the year 2022 may keep you busy. Some of you may receive an overseas job offer. Indulging in physical activities and practicing yoga throughout the year 2022 may bring positive changes in your overall wellbeing. On the romantic front, some tiffs and misunderstandings are likely to shake the core of your relationship in the first quarter of the year 2022. Happiness and intimacy may increase between you and your significant other.

Lucky Color: Peach

Lucky Number: 5, 9

Lucky Months: January, May & October.